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If your goal is to acquire quality properties that really perform,

you’re in the right place!


The current economic situation is very favorable for the investment/rental market. The chief economists for the National Association of Realtors® evaluations of trends suggest rents will increase annually in the 3.5% to 5 % range for the next 10 years! 


There are few markets in the United States that offer the income potential of the investment properties available in Indianapolis. Investors nationally and from across the globe have now recognized the Indianapolis Real Estate Market and are aggressively pursuing the investment opportunities. Unless you were born into a wealthy family or you’re the CEO of a major corporation the most viable way to accumulate wealth is with real estate. In fact, more people have become millionaires through real estate than any other means. In order to position yourself for this success, investors need local vendors to provide quality investment properties that really perform. To give yourself the best opportunity for success, the vendors you choose must have proven success, thorough knowledge of the market and extensive experience in rehabilitating properties. They must have a continued interest in the successful management the property. They must understand the expectations of the investors and they must be thorough and honest.


THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE! The current market conditions make our extensive local experience an invaluable asset. We are very selective and employ our wealth of experience to each deal, scrutinizing it from many perspectives. The principals of AmeriVest International have owned and managed in excess of 1000 properties. All this experience allows AmeriVest International to consistently acquire, rehab and offer an inventory of qualified distressed and turn-key residential and small multi-family cash flowing properties in the greater Indianapolis area.


No matter how nice your investment property, it will not be successful without proper, professional management. That is why we recommend that anyone considering real estate investing spend as much time, effort and diligence finding their property manager as the property(s) they will invest in.


For your convenience and success, our management branch, EVERGROW Property Management, offers unparalleled professional management services. EVERGROW Property Management was originally developed to exclusively manage the properties owned by AmeriVest. Many of the new owners we sold properties to were dissatisfied with the management company they had hired. Because of the constant requests and expressed need for quality management service from our clients, EVERGROW Property Management changed their business model and opened management services to other owners. This service is now available to you but is not require to purchase an AmeriVest property. Click here to learn more about EVERGROW Property Management.


In today’s unpredictable market it is difficult to find an opportunity that offers the potential returns and benefits of real estate. Real Estate investing is not easy. The losses can be overwhelming if mistakes are made but when done correctly, the rewards can change your life. Our properties, services, experience and knowledge will help you avoid costly mistakes and put you in a position to realize your passive income goals through real estate!


Remember, you miss 100% of this opportunity if you do nothing. We welcome your questions and look forward to fantastic success together!


AmeriVest International…Real Properties, Real Numbers, Real Results!

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